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A Bioinformatics professional having in depth knowledge and understanding of bioinformatics tools and techniques used to analyze and annotate array of biological data and convert them into meaningful structures.

I started Bioinformatics as a choice, soon realised that this is the area I like to see myself in and the journey begins. From understanding the definition of Bioinformatics to realizing the potential of Bioinformatics was very long. It took Bachelors, Masters, and Diploma and finally here I am today to give what I have learnt through these many years to world.

I am pursuing MPhil in Bioinformatics at University of Greenwich (UK). The aim of the project is to understand and compare sequence divergence between cassava and non-cassava colonizing Bemisia tabaci populations as well as to understand the mechanism that enables Bemisia tabaci to utilize cassava as a host plant.

Some facts: Cassava is the main staple food of many parts of the Africa and it directly or indirectly affects around 1 billion people worldwide.

Transcriptome analysis

Transcriptome analysis is of growing importance in understanding how altered expression of genetic variants contributes to complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Analysis of genome-wide differential RNA expression provides researchers with greater insights into biological pathways and molecular mechanisms that regulate cell fate, development, and disease progression.

ThermoFisher Scientific

6 transcriptome data sets

Database development

Biological databases play a central role in bioinformatics. They offer scientists the opportunity to access a wide variety of biologically relevant data, including the genomic sequences of an increasingly broad range of organisms.

Baxevanis, A. D. 2006

Adhesin Database


Bioinformatics programming skills are becoming a necessity across many facets of biology and medicine, owed in part to the continuing explosion of biological data aggregation and the complexity and scale of questions now being addressed through modern bioinformatics.

Dudley, J. T. and Butte, A. J. 2009

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Website design

It is a process of collecting ideas and presenting them in front of web audience to serve specific purpose.

8 live websites

Identity & Branding

Brand identity is an important medium to refelect company's business and value into market.

21 logo designs


Wireframing is an important step in any screen design process. A wireframe is a layout of a web page that demonstrates what interface elements will exist on key pages and also helps in determining how the user interacts with the interface.

7 blueprints
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Sardar Patel University

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